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Tree Maintenance: Treating Bracket Fungi

Bracket fungi can form on tree trunks, branches, and roots if they are infected with any of several different types of fungus. This condition isn’t necessarily dangerous or deadly to the tree in question, but it can weaken its overall structure, potentially causing it to break or fall over in high winds.

If you have a tree that shows signs of bracket fungi, you’ll want to take care of it as soon as possible so that your tree doesn’t need to be removed entirely.

Pictured left, numerous points of fungal growth on the branches of a large dead Liquid Amber in Bridgewater.

Bracket fungi is an indication of wood rot within the tree structure. Woodrot changes the structure of the wood, causing it to be either brittle or very soft.

Trees that exhibit signs of woodrot become very dangerous, and branches can fail without notice at any time. In the case of the dead Liquid Amber at Bridgewater, the tree is unfortunately too dangerous to be removed by a climbing arborist.

The only way to remove this dangerous structure is with a cherry picker. It is important to recognize signs of serious wood decay (such as bracket fungi) and remove the tree as soon as possible.

What is Bracket Fungi?

Bracket fungi are a type of fungus that grows on trees. They are often found on dead or dying trees, but can also be found on healthy trees as well. Bracket fungi can cause problems for trees because they can weaken the tree's structure and make it more susceptible to wind damage and insect infestations.

How do you treat bracket fungi yourself?

You can do a few things to manage bracket fungi.

  1. Prune any dead or dying branches from the tree. This will help reduce the amount of spores in the air.

  2. Water the tree deeply and regularly during dry periods. This will help keep the tree healthy and prevent it from becoming stressed.

  3. Apply a fungicide to the tree according to label directions.

  4. Mulch around the base of the tree to help prevent spores from splashing up onto the trunk.

When does bracket fungi treatment need professional help?

If the bracket fungi is causing extensive damage to your tree, we suggest you contact us to determine the best approach to save your tree and prevent infection to adjoining trees.

We will assess the situation and determine whether or not the tree can be saved. In some cases, the tree may need to be removed and replaced.

Contact us for tree maintenance.

Trees are a common addition to any property, offering shade, privacy, and beauty. However, they can pose a hazard when they become diseased or infested with pests such as bracket fungi.

As a result, it's critical to have a tree maintenance program in place to keep your trees healthy and looking their best.


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