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What We Do.


We specialise in tree pest and disease management, tree assessments and arborisconsulting.

Tree Pest & Disease Management


y identifying pests and diseases is the first step in effective tree management. This involves recognising symptoms and understanding the life cycles of common pests and diseases.

Common tree pests found in Adelaide and South Australia that we provide treatment services for include:

Regular monitoring of trees is essential to detect any early signs of infestation or disease. This can involve visual inspections, traps, or other surveillance methods.

When necessary, the use of pesticides and fungicides can be employed. It's crucial to use these chemicals responsibly and according to guidelines to minimise environmental impact.

Regulatory Compliance:
Adhering to local and national regulations regarding pest and disease management is important for legal and environmental reasons.

Tree Inspections

Tree inspections are critical for maintaining tree health and ensuring safety in urban and natural environments.

Arborist Consultancies

Steve is more than happy to visit and discuss the range of specialist services he can provide as a trained Arborist.

Where we operate

We provide a range of professional tree services in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs, Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley.


If you need any advice on how to properly manage trees on your property and remain within any legal confines that might pertain, don't hesitate to give Steve a call.

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