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Arborist Adelaide

Steve Slaughter Tree Services takes pride in performing high-quality arboricultural work for our clients throughout Adelaide and surrounding suburbs including the Adelaide Hills.


Qualified Arborists in Adelaide & Adelaide Hills

All of our arborists are trained to at least Level 3 or Level 5 in Arboriculture, and all staff have police clearances. Principal Steve Slaughter is a fully qualified arborist with over 30 years experience providing arboricultural services in Adelaide and the surrounding Hills Suburbs.


The comprehensive training that our arborists undertake enables us to perform tree removal and maintenance activities promptly, safely and at a minimum cost. 


Because OHS and first aid training is also an important part of our ongoing training, all work is performed safely.

We are also fully insured so in the unlikely event that there is an incident when our team is onsite, you are fully covered.

Arborists Advice and Reports

We can provide brief verbal Arborist advice on tree-related matters such as:

- assess a tree's health

- recommended pruning or removal etc. 

We are often engaged by people to inspect and report on the potential risk a tree might create for a house or other structure near to it. Arborist Reports are often required for builders who are constructing a new home near one or more trees.


Trained Arborists

Unfortunately, it is very common to hear of untrained operators permanently disfiguring valuable trees.  You can be assured that our arborists perform work in line with the Australian Standards, meaning the best outcome for your trees.


Our trained arborists are also able to transplant your favourite tree to a new location or even supply and plant a new tree from a nursery.


If your tree has a pest problem, there's a very good chance our Arborists can fix it.


If you need an overall assessment by our qualified arborist and perhaps a written report, give us a call Steve direct on 0418 821 642 or our office on 08 8388 5506.. 


We are Adelaide's qualified Arborists.


Steve Slaughter Tree Services are fully insured to give you peace of mind when our team are at work on your property. 

What does an Arborist Cost?

We are pleased to quote for Arborist projects before we commence.

This may require that we attend onsite prior to providing you with our quotation, which we do at no cost to you. We also attend onsite on an adhoc basis to answer queries or to give a professional opinion. 


If you would like a quotation for arborist work, please contact Steve and his team using the details in our footer below or from our contact page.

Arborists in Adelaide & the Adelaide Hills
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