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Tree Stump Removal Adelaide

Tree Stump Removal near Adelaide

Why are tree stumps removed ?

Stumps are removed to improve the aesthetics of the area.  Stumps that are left in the ground look unsightly and restrict future use of the surrounding ground area. This can limit any plans for future planting. 


Stumps can also attract termites or fungal pathogens.  Stumps can also sometimes be a trip hazard.


How are stumps removed ?

After the tree has been cut to near ground level, one of our three stump grinders will gnaw away at the wooden stump, turning it into woodchips. 


Depending on the size of the grinder used, we can achieve depths of up to 600mm below ground level.


In most cases, a stump grinder will complete a stump within one hour.


The resultant woodchips can be used as mulch in your garden or removed from the site if you prefer, subject to prior arrangement.


Which Stump Removal Machine ?

Our Large stump grinder is used for stumps over 60cm diameter

The medium stump grinder is used for stumps under 60cm diameter

The midget stump grinder is used for strumps under 20cm diameter


Although the medium and midget grinders can remove any size stump, they will take longer to do the job.


Stump Removal Access Requirements

To be able to remove the stump we need to get our machines close to it, and something this can be a problem depending on how accessible the stump is


  • Our Midget stump grinder requires only 70cm wide gate to access your property

  • The Medium stump grinder requires 90cm wide gate

  • Large stump removal grinder approximately 2.5m wide gate.



All of these machines have rubber tyres and the two smaller machines can be lifted or ramped into raised garden beds if necessary.


Safety and Underground services

Although all of our stump machines are safely operated, clients should always consider the location of any underground services that may be in the vicinity of the tree stump. 


If you inform us of the location of underground services we will do our utmost to complete the job safely without damage.


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