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Tree Removal Adelaide

Steve Slaughter Tree Services has been removing trees in the Adelaide Hills as well as providing other high quality arboricultural services throughout Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills since 1983.


Qualified Tree Removalist in Adelaide

We are the most qualified and experienced arborist team in the Adelaide area and capable of removing or pruning the largest of trees with the minimum of fuss.


We understand that you take pride in your garden and do our utmost to complete every job without damaging your pride and joy.  Cleaning up is important too, so we do our best to leave your garden tidier than before we started.


Tree Removal Equipment

Our large woodchipper can quickly turn removed tree branches into useful mulch for your Adelaide Hills garden, or if you prefer removed from the site in our truck.


The popularity of wood-burning fires in the Adelaide Hills means that you also have the option to retain logs cut up for your own use. 


Tree Stump Removal

Any tree stumps remaining in the ground can also be turned into mulch using one of our three stump grinders.  The smallest grinder can even fit through your front door and can be carried up/down stairs or lifted into raised garden beds, while our large stump grinders can take on the largest tree stumps quickly and safely.


Tree Removal for Fire Safety

Bushfires are always a concern in the Adelaide Hills, so if you need advice on pruning or removing trees to make your home safer, give Steve a call on 0418 821 642


His intimate knowledge of the Adelaide Hills and extensive knowledge of the tree species in the region ensure an accurate diagnosis with a sensitive approach.


If you need one or more trees removed from your Adelaide or Adelaide Hills property call Steve direct on 0418 821 642 or our Stirling office on 08 8388 5506.


We are the Adelaide Hill's qualified tree removalists.

Tree Removal Posts

Tree removal Adelaide Hills

Steve Slaughter and his highly qualified team provide tree services which cover all aspects of tree care, whether it be tree removal, sensitive pruning or planting.


The tree services are controlled by staff who are trained to a minimum of Certificate 3 up to Diploma level, in arboriculture.


All of Steve’s arborists complete a 3-year apprenticeship in order to achieve this level of competence.

We remove small or large unwanted trees, unstable or dead trees, vines, shrubs or palms.


Waste created by tree removal or tree pruning is processed by a large woodchipper which creates garden mulch/woodchips.

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